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DRAKON is a simple language. People understand DRAKON flowcharts without knowing DRAKON. Making DRAKON diagrams is not very difficult either because Drakon.Tech automates diagram editing. With Drakon.Tech, your flowcharts will always follow the strict rules of DRAKON.

Here are some step-by-step guides that cover most of Drakon.Tech's features. These guides will help you get started with programming in Drakon.Tech.

The tutorials require some knowledge of JavaScript programming.

Tutorial 1. Hello world!

Create your first app in Drakon.Tech. Projects, modules, main function, and code generation.

Tutorial 2. Variables and functions

Tutorial 3. Basic flow control

The Question icon that works like the if statement. Decision trees with the Question icon.

Tutorial 4. Choice

If there are multiple options, use the Choice icon.

Tutorial 5. For each loop

Tutorial 6. The arrow loop

The "do-while" loop, the "while" loop, and the hybrid loop.

Tutorial 7. Silhouette

Divide and conquer long flows with silhouette.

Tutorial 8. Lambdas and exceptions

Tutorial 9. Modules

Tutorial 10. Concurrent programming with scenarios

Tutorial 11. Working with source control

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