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Drakon.Tech JavaScript tutorial: conquer complex algorithms with the silhouette

What is a silhouette?

Silhouette is a type of DRAKON diagrams that breaks up a large flowchart into several smaller parts. These smaller subdiagrams are called the "branches" of the silhouette.

Silhouette is a unique feature of the DRAKON visual language. Silhouette helps the developer deal with sophisticated algorithms without creating too many diagrams.

A silhouette branch has a header, a body, and a footer. The footer points to the next branch.

A general convention is to arrange branches left-to-right. However, it is possible to jump to the left. In this case, one or more branches run more than once, which creates a "silhouette loop."

Drakon.Tech automatically marks silhouette loops with cycle marks.

A silhouette with a silhouette loop and cycle marks:

A silhouette with a silhouette loop and cycle marks